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Hi there.

A warm welcome to my blog and thanks for showing interest in knowing about me.

This is Rajni, here (‘Rajni’ means ‘Night’, not that Rajnikant of South Indian movies 😛 yes i am a gal). I belong to the age group of 25-30 (now keep guessing my age :P). I live in Gwalior, India with three more moody creatures like me – my parents and my elder sister. By profession I am web and graphic designer but at heart I am a painter, a photographer, bird and nature lover (for me the chirping of birds is the most b’ful sounds on earth), a thinker, (a bathroom singer too :P), friend of friends, worst for enemies, sometimes stupid, sometimes naughty, sometimes serious, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes angry with the whole world uff!!! list goes on. My friends say I am caring, emotional, loving and blah blah blah…lets not get into self praise.

I am a new bee in blogging so please bear with my “oh not so professional language”. I needed a place for putting my voice over the topics I feel like. And I am so greatful to wordpress that it gave me a platform to share my point of view on certain things with the whole world and blog lovers. I owe my thanks to all lovely visitors too that spare time to read my blogs and leave comments too…


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Thanks a ton for ur wishes…happy diwali to u too…do well and hv wonderful days ahead.

Hello !!!

Nice to see ur blog really good and u must rock. Me now in germany studying here so its nice place to feel Home sweet Home.

Waiting for new Posts . . .

With Regards,

Hiren Pastagia

Thanks hiren for such lovely word of appreciation…do well in studies…bestest of luck in life 🙂

hey, you have made a good blog within 2 months!!!! great!!! 😉
keep blogging… 🙂

I too wonder how i did that 😉 anyways thanks for the appreciation 🙂

hey like the about me u are a designer thaz cool so where did u do yr designing course from. i am freelance designer here into print. i love photography too…hey why do u not start a photo blog to…would love to see some of yr picz..

ohh… u r also a designer… thts so cool…i did my designing from a not so reputed institute in india 😛 but i hv been into this field for more thn 2 yrs so got lots of professional experience…will try to start a photo blog for sure…blogrolled u too 😉

Anyway u have a nice blog out there and also really glad to know that u r in to web and graphic designing….!!….never stop blogging and have a nice time ahead….!!…..3 cheers….!!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and liking my blog…ya sure if i will get such lovely comments hw can i stop blogging 😉

u too hv an amazing life…chao

its really nice to know u Rajni.. useems vry fun lovng girl…

Keep blogging 🙂


Hi there…Thank u very much for the support….!!…I’ve added one more page to my blog and could u plz chk this and let me know ur comments….!!…:)

BTW Wishing u a happy and prosperous NEW YEAR …….!!


Have a Life changing, world shaping, wonderful. Purposeful, awe-inspiring, incredible, fantastic, magnificent, extraordinary, blessed, thrilling, blissful, grace-filled, jubilant, delicious, unbelievable, astonishing, mind blowing, spectacular and ridiculously happy New year…

“Naye Varsh Ki Shubhkamanyen,Shuvo Nabo Barsho,FELIÇ ANY NOU,Soursdey Chhnam Tmei,Kiortame pivdluaritlo,MELKAM ADDIS AMET YIHUNELIWO!,Head uut aastat!, Sheta Brikhta, Yeni Iliniz Mubarek!, Bloavezh Mat, Chestita Nova Godina, Xin Nian Kuai Le, Pace e Salute, Sretna Nova godina!, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, Šťastný Nový rok (or Stastny Novy rok), Godt Nytår”

cheers rainzz..

Hello Rajni. . . .
Nice blog. . . My good wishes are with you . Keep writing.

hey there … nice blog …. will be back to read your posts … 🙂

But it’s so simple to guess your exactly age, Rajni: you are exactly between 25 and 30!
From endless ferness, Dan,
Now you must guess where am I from.
Best regards.

Ach, farness, distance; I,m ratle-head! The same.

And, becouse I saw your motto:
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” (albert einstein)

Still between 25 and 30?
I published some more bridges, but scarcely few are my own photos, generaly they are took by more gifted friends. Regards.

ya a gal like me is always btw 25-30 😛

I love your site. Keep it up !

Wonderul Blog … And I love the way ur growing .. in readership as well as, as a blogger.. 🙂

Rock on..!

Hi rajjo! how you doing. Its been a very long time I’m visiting your beautiful blog. My exams are also finished. 🙂
bye take care

Hi deenu 😛 I am doing great and thanks so much for visiting my blog. nowadays I too visit is as a visitor only and regret that I am not paying proper attention to my (sweetu) blog 🙂 but I will soon come up with new posts so keep visiting and congrates that your exams are over…inform me about the results as well 😛

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“One who looks for a friend without faults will have none.”

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