Life is like that

Just Like That

Posted on: March 27, 2009


To meet, to know, to love and then to part
Is the saddest thing of many a human heart
The time passes through years
And our smile comes with tears
A feeling of sadness and longing
Is mixed with pain
but see, we only apart to meet again


18 Responses to "Just Like That"

bful cute words Rajani.. welcome back 🙂

True lovely words buddy 🙂 Loved it

very nice rajni mam..
may be suiting us…

omg how adorable
as a little girl until i was 12 i was a ballerina
it was the best 🙂

Did you write that?

thanks all for stopping by and commenting to the post…

@ Balaji…no i didn’t write it…i wish i would know its original writer…but i guess it Baha’i saying

Good one though 🙂

like always, it’s a pleasure to visit you.
it’s a long time from my last visit.
i design some houses in greece on the beach, in an island and i have not internet there. when i come home, i must renew my sites (i have over 30 now) (the architecture laws, normatives and rules), go to see my son, my friends and relatives. on the next beach works an english architect from atkins, with tom wright as chief project, so i’m very proud to build next the greatest architect in the world, but i must do my best for this.
anyway, i’ll try not to forget my friends, and, axiomatic, you are one of them.
i hope to hear from you soon,

hi, rajni
i’m proud to be considered by you a friend; (be sure i consider you a friend); to be considered “a gifted one” is an honour; anyway, it, a pleasure for me anytime we “talk” to each other.
i’ll try to be more in touch with you,
your “gifted friend”,


We just had an earthquake here, strong enough, but I think without dead or wounded people. Dan

In fact, it wasn’t a big deal, but – like always – tv made a big show; as I live in the north of the country and the center of the earthquakes is in the south, I believed for a moment that it was a new Kobe. It was only 5.4 degrees on Richter, for – they say – 3 minutes. For a while all tv posts spoke of dead people, ruined buildings and so on. In fact – only the Earth released some of it’s strain, that’s all.
I’ll try to call you more frequent.
Best regards,

Very well put! Lovely usage of words 🙂

PS. Please visit my blog to collect your invite for one of the “most awaited” blog openings…

I’d like to make you a present:
Fallingwater; I hope you’ll like it.
See you,

India Taj Mahal

Hey, I’ve received my 1st tag… Do have a look if time permits 🙂


My dear, I searced Taj Mahal specially for you; this week-end I’ll try to send you more; all the best,

Walt Disney – Ferdinand The Bull – 1938
I hope you’ll enjoy it,

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“One who looks for a friend without faults will have none.”

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