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Why didn’t i find u before?

Posted on: December 29, 2008

One of the b’ful song of the terrific movie Ghajini. Good story, good picturization, well acted overall good job Amir…movie silently tells that its easy to live for ourselves but the Life is all about living for others.

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi?
Kismat pe aaye na yakin
Utar aayi jheel mein
Jaise chaand utartaa hai kabhi
houley houley, dheere se.
Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se tarannum mein tum
Chhookey mujhe Guzri ho yun.
Dekhoon tumhe, Ya main sunoo.
Tum ho sukoon, Tum ho junoo.
Kyun pehle na Aayi tum?
Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi?
Kismat pe aaye na yakin.
Main to ye sochta tha ke aaj kal
Upar wale ko fursat nahi.
Phir bhi tumhe banake woh
Meri nazar mein chadh gaya.
Rutbe mein woh aur badh gaya.
Badley raaste jharne aur nadi,
Badley deep ki tim tim.
Chhede zindagi dhoon koi nayi,
Badley barkha ki rim jhim.
Badlengi rituyen adaa;
Par main rahoongi sada
Usi tarah teri bahon mein bahen daalke
Har lamha Har pal.
Zindagi sitaar ho gayee
Rim jhim malhaar ho gayee
Mujhe aata nahi
Kismat pe apni yakin
Kaise mujhko mil gayi tum


18 Responses to "Why didn’t i find u before?"

Wonderful song.. The actress did a fantastic job.. Nice movie

not seen it as yet will see this weekend …..would love to see it on orginal DVD or a blu ray one par pirated se hi kaam chalana padega… 😦

Haven’t seen yet 😦

Years come n go, but this year I specially wish 4 u a double dose of health n happiness topped with loads of good fortune. Have a gr8 year ahead! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2009 πŸ™‚

Hi……..u know one thing what I observed that what I think u express. Really I also thought enough about the scene of this movie bcoz some of scenes which directly touched my heart,d real act of humanitarian. u rightly said ‘it is easy to live…………………………..about living for others.’ One more thing I would like to appreciate, that is d act of Asin,heroine of d movie really entertained us and shown d way of living without any grief. I told my brother that d ending of heroine was very painful and was not expected by me. Actually in real life such incidents always occurs,good people die before they should but at least it shouldn’t to be in the movie.The role of hero is filmy but heroine’s role I really admire for her act. The song is wonderful and its slow rhythm creates romanticism among us and makes us hopeful nd thankful for luck and grace of God. Now I also sing this song bcoz it is u who shown me the path to understand d secret of life and d need of life , I pray God for every successes in ur life and wish u every day happy in new year. Keep going.

Seen the movie now…it is a good movie….the action was typical south indian action…amir looked good and the actrees also very filmy…only this song was good…. rest naah…the director should have made amir tell the truth before kalpana died….and RNBJ OMG fulltoo bakwaas i do not knw hw peepz liked it..

So how was yr new year bTW..

@ rohit and dilip…yp the song n movie r really fantastic tht’s why its on my blog πŸ˜‰ neways thnx for stopping by…

@ dinesh…thnx for ur wishes happy new year to u too…u must watch this movie…u will miss a gud movie othewise πŸ˜›

@ rainz…common…ghajni was very good…n all movie hv not happy ending na sweety πŸ™‚ neways my new year was good…wht abt u ???

@…..”rest naah” meant the rest of the songs…my bad…….the movie was good….and rab nah banadi jodi was not good…i think i have lost charm in hindi movies…u can imagine after seeing the dark knight, ironman, rambo reloaded…..all on blu ray, these other movies felt only ok…. instead i feel now days the b grade movies have better stories but r not directed well… i saw “oh my god” that one is good a must see once…shows reality of life.

My new year was good had fun and partyd…reachd home like at 6.00 in the moring πŸ˜› .

@rainz… oh thnk gudness u liked the movie…cz i can’t hear critisism of my fav one πŸ˜› just kidding … i do feel not all hindi movies r worth watching bt this is the same case with hollywood movies too isn’t it?

oh wow u really rocked ur new yr eve πŸ™‚ grt baby…

Wah! that is one great song ! thanks for the lyrics πŸ™‚

Happy New Year πŸ™‚

Great movie!

Lovely song!

Thanks for the lyrics πŸ™‚

Thanks god i liked the movies i did not want to be among yr hate list…lol…JJ 8-O.. i know same for hollywood ..but itz been long for a really very nice movie to come out….

i just love this song … moreover , picturization is just brilliant ….

@harsh…yp very true…the song is really very sweet

Lovely Song…………. and Thanks for the lyrics….I was searching the same….

I wrote poems, sometimes, when I was a kid; now I only translate; here’s one:


There’s so much quiet about i seem to hear
the moon’s beams rapping to the windows.

an alien grieve awaked into my breat
and a song sings in me a longing
that’s not mine.

they say that those ancistors that died before their time,

they say that those ancistors who died before their time
with young blood in their veins’
with great passions in their blood,
come to live in us
their unlived lifes.

oh, who knows – my soul – in what breast you will sing
you, sometimes, after centuries
on sweet cords of silence,
on a harp of darkness
your strangled longing
and your broken joy of life? who knows?
who knows?
(Lucian Blaga)
You’ll find in wikipedia more about Blaga, great romanian philosopher and poet. Cheers, Dan.

very nice poem indeed thanks for sharing

Walt Disney – Ferdinand The Bull – 1938

Sleep right, little girl

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