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Posted on: November 28, 2008

APTOPIX India Shooting

Mumbai, A city of dreams; Mumbai which is considered Newyork of India; Mumbai a city that believes in speed & “Never Say Die” attitude, is now struggling to get back to normal. People, who used to feel proud on this sophisticated city, have gone silent with some burning questions in their minds. Why this all happened? Why it was so easy to intrude in India and damage the tranquility in the country? Why these grand hotels were made the target? Why only foreigners were made hostages and without any particular demand? Well these are just secondary questions. The most important thing, which should be pondered upon, is why terrorism is trembling India every now and then? Why Ahmedabad, Delhi and now Mumbai has proved to be vulnerable to terrorism simply because we Indians believe in ‘Live and let others live’? Why our tolerance and kindness is considered our weakness? Why we are made the target of others ill beliefs in the name of religion? Why a simple fact people don’t try to understand that no religion allows killing of innocent people in the name of God?

Hatred cause hatred and we Indians believe on this very fact that’s why even after such incidents we don’t eye in suspicion manner to our friends of other religion. We accept people of all religions whole-heartedly in every sphere of life i.e. politics, sports or film industry. Why? It’s because we believe in only one religion i.e. Humanity. (Except some people who destroy their own country in the name of cast).

Wake up people. If you have guts do something for your own people…give life to dieing persons…this is the only way to please the God.


19 Responses to "Why so?"

Bcoz the indian NSG are too ………….
they are not capable to deal with those guys
after 52 hours they just killed 2 terrorists

wat the hell
only two and the whole indian NSG

I can’t say how but as far as my views are concern its totally because of the failure of Indian Government. But the leaders here are nuts. We have powers but don’t know how to use it effectively. Its very sad what happened in Mumbai and we pay tribute to all the innocent life and Hats off to all those officers and commandos.
I blame to Indian Govt. and its really sad that we don’t have any good, brave and powerful leaders. We still need a good Govt with effective system. Proud to be an Indian..huh! Yes I’m an Indian and I’ve many things to be proud of. EXCEPT THE GOVERNMENT… Its a very sad side of every Indian. Hoping we’ll get good one soon.

Hi! Ayesha..I don’t know who you are , perhaps an Indian. It’s really sad to know your views, Even you can’t feel the situation of those commandos out there fighting against those bloody and coward terrorists.
Why you blaming them, they done their job with bravery. Its not vey easy as you are saying I should say.
It’s the failure of Indian Govt and their Intelligence failure.

@Ayesha You can’t say anything about anyone so easily until you step into his or her shoes…infact you didn’t get my point…i have raised my voice against terrorism because i feel whatever hapening is not good…and this earth should be terror free…still thanks for expressing your views…

@Dinesh Thanks buddy for supporting me…its high time when Indian Goverment should take some rigid actions against terrorism for sure…


Why play the blame game…..neither the govt nor those commondos r at fault…see the bravery they atleast had the guts to go in and kill those peepz…shame on them who sent them blame them…itz really sad seeing so many people dying just like that without any faultt of there…foreigners were target to spoil the name of india so no more foreigner come and the Indian tourism gets hits…

@ ayesh a why did u not go an join the commods instead of sitting home and seeing Tv it would have helped them…itz very easy to see and say they did not do anythg…..

@rajni loved the post…

hi prasoon…thanks for dropping by and put your views…its true that common people suffer such incidents…but we should stand shoulder by shoulder to erase this disease called Terrorism…its really unfair to kill innocent people in the name of God…its really pathetic

thanks rajni for ur feedback…. really we should stand together to erase the terrorism…. we including the govt must take measures that the terrorists should feel fear to step in india…………

in usa in most of the higher levels like doctors …engineers ..and many other dept.. indians play the major role….

be proud to be an INDIAN….. VANDEMATARAM………

Hey Rainzz…thanks for appreciating the post and sharing your valuable thoughts on this burning issue…ya the motivation of the terrorists is quite crystal clear…still we really need to rethink about making our security system more powerful…cz i don’t think these terrorists want to live a peaceful life and let others live in tranqulity…they can’t feel the pain cz they hv never went through such conditions…

@ pradeep yes people should try n understand that we Indian are not against of any cast and religion…we just want to live happily without intruding in others’ matter…

Rajni i know we need to improve the security system by doing that can anything change..what happend to the twin tower that was in America and the security there is well known…these people have a dead soul and can do anything it just seems nothing can stop the evil brain or say mind washed brain they have….they want to go to jaanat but by doing all this they will only get hell.

out of the topic..OMG what has happened to indian press why are they running after knowing how many foreigners have died damn think of our own peepz…they should come first…and Indians want to know about Indians.

Hey Rainzz… I really appreciate ur continuous support…terrorism is such a big monster tht the whole wrld shud join hands to fight against it…as far as Indian press is concerned I guess they want to emphasis on the fact tht we do care for outsiders n they shud keep coming bck to the country [:P] whatever…however its totally a crap…indeed

Firstly my sincere condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones.What do you think can we as individuals do to overcome this tragedy…and recuperate as a nation?

Thanks nirveda for dropping by…as individuals we can’t do anything…we all Indians will have to come forward and join hands to resolve this matter…what say?

hey your welcome..don’t you think there’s a catch here…all indians coming forward…do you really think ALL would?

@nirveda…ya people do showing hatred and regression about the whole matter and government system…but is this enough???

Hi,I went through ur lines,d one of d most burning question of these days nd I hav every cool answers of every burning questions.I would remind u that it was a time when terrorism was being spread only on d base of religion but now it has become d profession. The profession of ill minded people.Now question is that why India is victim being d biggest diplomatic country of d world nd secular also.History shows that India has been attacked by many,nd reason is simple we r rich in resources but poor in management at d same time we r not enough unite to fight with these evils.Many guys from us support d evils nd result is well known.our leaders r interested in making money,our security agencies r handicapped nd people r sleeping,they wake up only when they hears d sound of blasts nd again they sleep.I think actually no only single one can be blamed for such heinous act,but we all are responsible for controlling nd eliminating such evils from d society nd country.we should be honest enough to implement all measures which really required nd follow them also.First stong ur soul then body then government nd then country will become automatically stronger itself to win over any evil.In the last but not least belive in real action nd do it.

Reference is made of the topic ‘Why so’ .so Plz read to ammend Democratic in place of diplomatic.

Hatred is definitely not the solution…Having a feeling for something you believe is undesirable makes you weak..if you can get what I say…and once you are weak,you are half lost in the war. I don’t think we earmarked 15th aug 1947 in the history by warfare and hatred.well, not essentially…

really heart touching instant,a lots of question to be answered,but still we hv nothing .
Let govt,NSG do dere work but atleast as a citizen of india we should also support dem.

really u r doin gr8 work ,continue dis.

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