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Dreams are sweet

Posted on: November 16, 2008

Dreams help us sort things out that have happened while we are awake. During the day our conscious minds are active, and think about our wishes, fears and problems but at night the subconscious takes over.

Dreams are considered just a free thought of mind but its not true always. They are the true companions of the events that take place in our lives that relates to our desires and requirements. Dreams are not merely the co-product of our sleep, but they are the art that prompt us to be creative and do something new in life. Artists, scientists, sportspersons, writers etc are using this technique from many years. World-renowned writer Samuel Taylor’s great creation ‘Kubla Khan‘ was the result of his dream. Indian Mathematician Shriniwas Ramanujan claimed that he saw all his most important discoveries in dreams only. Through dreams American golf player Jack Nicholson improved his playing techniques. American heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Peterson said that he used to see new punches in his dreams.

However its not easy to interpret the meaning of the dreams as they have their own peculiar language. But we can get to know how important they are if we could get their meaning. This is called dream creativity technique and we can try to learn it through following methods

  • Try to recall the dreams
  • Try to write down them as soon as possible giving them title and date
  • Speak to yourself about the dream and the signs in them
  • If some dreams are quite frequent give attention to them may be they are telling you something
  • Share your dreams with those people who can help you to understand the message hidden behind your dreams

4 Responses to "Dreams are sweet"

Hmmm kool post mate….!!…Chk this link….I find interesting….!!…I hope u’ll like it…!!…;)

Thanks for the comment n the interesting link as well 🙂

Anytime mate…!!….:)

Ranbling throughout Finnish poetry I came across this:
By the water
Sits a frog, wiping
His glasses on his sleeve.

– Risto Rasa –

Regards, Dan

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