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Go Green

Posted on: November 6, 2008

A wallpaper for all of you that i have created in Photoshop with the help of psdtuts.




36 Responses to "Go Green"

Excellent work. Way to go!

this is a great design. thanks for sharing!

Thanks Salil and Sourabh for appreciating my work.

Wow – Amazing work!

I was tempted to make it my wallpaper even before thanking you for sharing it with us… but that “good work deserves praise!” … 😛

Thanks for droping by on TalkingTals – I’m glad you liked ‘Shaam Tanha’ too! 🙂

How could you do that amyth 😛 just kidding…anyways me too glad that you liked my work. Thanks 🙂


lovely..straight on my Desk top


Kool and nice one mate…….!!

Hi artisticked…I am glad you also liked it 😉

Nice design, Rajni.. Just applied it to my desktop.. Now, my computer is going green… Thanks! 😉

Thanks LogoPhreak 🙂

Simply decent and nice… Greenery will keep system healthy 😛 texture is looking awesome. keep it up dear..

Thanks vineet 🙂

m another fan of this wallpaper. grt job rajani.
waiting for more..

thanks gaurav…surely will come with fresh addition soon

Hi rajni

really Great work.

can I use your your design in my Ad?

@Shivam Sure you can 😀 show me your ad but lol

this design is really very nice. Can I use it as a base for my company’s diwali card? My company is into recycling of paper and we would love to use your design as part of the awareness campaign during the Diwali festival.

Sure Devi you can but plz do share with me your card. 🙂

ofcos yes. I just added some text on it and maybe gunked it in the process. How can I send it to u? I dont see any attachment links on this page. Thanks again and wish you a very happy Diwali.

umm send it to if u wish to share. otherwise not an issue. Btw thanks for the wishes happy diwali to u too 🙂

superb one.. Can I use it as my desktop wallpaper 🙂
Create more wallpapers like this.. Contribute to “go green” as much as possible. Its our world we can make it green..

Super Wallpaper Design. Keep it coming. Thanks R

Thanks Ram and Rasheed. Lets see when I can get time 🙂

Hi Rajni
If possible can u upload some more images?
Thanks in advance..

@Ram Do you mean more wallpapers?

Yes Rajni..
I like this wallpaper a lot 🙂
and its my desktop wallpaper… Could you please update some more wallpapers.

I surely would have if I had made more 😐

Ho ok 😦
Try to create by ur own again 🙂
I think u r innovative…

yeah can say lol but i don’t get time nowadays 😦

😦 Too busy!
Try ur best,…

sure 🙂

Thanks Rajni..

all of worlds people please, save earth

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