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Pepsi & MTV Youth Icon, 08

Posted on: November 3, 2008

It’s your MTV. It’s your Youth Icon.
This is the tag line of this year’s search of Pepsi & MTV Youth Icon, 08. If you are a regular MTV buff you may be acquainted with what this whole search is about.This year MTV is looking for those youths who may not be super achiever but those who

· have made a difference

· have overcome great hardships to triumph over life

· had a dream and followed it through, right till the end

· just wanted to shake the world out of its apathy

MTV short listed 23 spirited nominees (young people, whom MTV calls youngistanis). These nominees are among those youths who have come out successfully against all odds and even gave up money just to pursue what their heart said with their dedication & determination.
We all can vote the most deserving yongistanis among them and decide which 8 will become the Pepsi & MTV Youth Icons 2008.

Past Icons
Anil Ambani – Pepsi MTV Youth Icon, 03
Rahul Dravid – Pepsi MTV Youth Icon, 04
Shahrukh Khan – Pepsi MTV Youth Icon, 05
M.S. Dhoni – Pepsi MTV Youth Icon, 06
Orkut – Pepsi MTV Youth Icon, 07

This Years Nominees
23 nominees have been short listed out of 8000+ entries received; check out these outstanding individuals and get inspired from their lives at and do let me know whom are you voting for 😛


2 Responses to "Pepsi & MTV Youth Icon, 08"

i like beautiful girls

Well pradeep its gud to appreciate beauty…but better if u post relevant comments..thanks…

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