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Books Lovers Day

Posted on: November 1, 2008

Its Books Lovers Day today and being a books lover I couldn’t resist to pen down few words on books. Books have different values to different people. For some they are like true friends that support in all good and bad times. For some they are path showers that show the path. If we try to learn from them, books teach us a lot. Let’s make friendship with books 🙂

There are some people who say they don’t like to read books. They find it a waste of time and blah blah but let me tell you guys you are definitely missing something in life if you don’t read books.

With time books have also changed their outlook and have updated themselves. Now we can read e-books, digital books, electronic books and so on. And believe me they are so handy and easily accessible that you can’t do nothing except go to them for getting knowledge on a particular topic. These are like a boom for tech savvies.

Knowledge bank

Books enhance knowledge and awareness. Nobody can ditch you over any matter if you have updated your self through books. Books have a huge world of their own. So no doubt you will get books on all subjects without a fail. May be one day you will get book on me. 😛

Change mind set

Books can change your whole outlook about the things in a positive way. However we all have our own way of taking things, as per our comfortable level. Books do the same they just let you decide what you have to take from them or not. They help you to de stress yourself too.


Don’t look further if you are confused on a particular subject ask your true friend the books. They will definitely help you without raising their eyebrows 🙂

Books as gift

Books share knowledge, emotion and different shades of life. What you read shows your personality too. And when you gift it to someone you actually want to share that with the other. Recently Yogesh, one of my friend sent me soft copy of ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’ by Chetan Bhagat which i was craving from the day it published. So sweet of him indeed. 🙂

Source of Motivation

People strongly believe on written things. That is why for motivating themselves they look up to books. A writer puts his/her 100% in his/her book that force you to go with their thoughts and they are positive in most cases.

Some must read books

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle
Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
Fountain Head – Ayn Rand
Animal Farm – George Orwell

Dark Room – R.K. Narayan
Naked Face – Sidney Sheldon
Pinjar – Amrita Pritam

Harsha Charita – Bana Bhatt
Da vinchi code – Dan Brown, Jomy Thomas, R.gopikrishnan
One Night at Call Centre – Chetan Bhagat
The Master of Game – Sidney Sheldon

And so on…list is endless. As I said before books are your friends shake hands with them and they will hug and kiss you back…Happy reading 🙂


4 Responses to "Books Lovers Day"

Great article. I’m also a BiG book lover. I like to read different kind of books on various topics. Right now I’m reading “Decision making and problem solving solving techniques”, sorry I forget the writer’s name 😉

thanks buddy…do share your experience with the book you are reading, once you finished and writers name too 😉

Thanks for sharing. I love to read…

Your most welcome…good to hear that you love reading…keep it up

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