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Home, sweet home

Posted on: October 24, 2008

A home is a place where we take refuge after a long hectic day to feel serenity and comfort that is why, it proves to be one of the most special places in the world. It’s our personal space that welcomes us with a sense of tranquility and peace. No matter how big or small; lavishly decorated or done up with simplicity we can make our four walls a home, sweet home by simple tips and tricks discussed below.

Make it your place

To make a home you don’t need decorations strewn all over. Small details in different areas and places in your home can make the difference. It should be easily maintainable too. A sacred place at home should be decorated from within without the influence of any other’s idea.

Bring nature indoors

Debbie Mandel, author of Turn Your Inner Sight says, “Home is a place where we can close the door on the world.” So while doing up your home, make it sure that it meets your needs emotionally as well as visually. Creating a garden (even a small one) can help you to de stress yourself when the world gets tough, you can take there shelter. If having space problem you can put some potted plants in kitchen window, corridor or balcony.

Plants and Feng Shui

  • Sunflowers bring in positive energy and create opportunities
  • Jasmine is good for financial luck, if placed in the south-east section
  • Avoid bonsai and prickly plants
  • Small water fountain creates good energy

Bring in the light

Use the light, specially sunlight in your home all possible ways as it lifts the energy of a room, brightens the day, expands the space and inspires new idea. Bring in illumination by painting the walls with light glossy colors.

Choose the right color

Color of the walls can change the whole outlook of the home. One should choose the color as per ones personal choice and comfort level with color, although all colors have their own speciality for example natural tones like brown, cream, tan, blue and green hues have relaxing effect while dark color like red are boosts the mood.

Say Hi to health

Let the fresh air come, open the windows frequently. If possible use eco-friendly products everywhere in your home.

Sweet smelling home

Make it fragranced by using scented candles and air fresheners that are perfect to incorporate aromatherapy into your home. You can also use essential oils like lemon, lavender, vanilla etc. These oils are helpful in insomnia too.

Get rid of clutter

Choose the things that bring joy in your life and discard the garbage. Start clearing clutter by focusing single areas individually-one shelf in a bookcase or a drawer in the kitchen-for example, before moving to the next. Let the positive energy flow in your home by removing useless items.

A home is where your heart is and vice versa. Remember you are making yourself happy when you let you your home feel happy itself. Happy living. 🙂


10 Responses to "Home, sweet home"

Hi!! the article is really nice. Keep up the good work…

Thanks eliza…keep visiting….

Hi Rajni,

This types of Special room is prize less. no cost of this types of amazgin rooms. this is a Uncommon room not a room is a best place. I like it i always alike all these types of things. Very nice interior.
You know i am very excited for watching this room.

hi vishal…u knw wht, this room can be urs…u hv to use ur creativity n sense of color n arranging things…simple isn’t it???

Nice room.
After all, this could be done by a female only, as per as I know, cos we male hardly have that much creativity for making room like this.
Its a nice blog Rajni. Keep the momentum high.
Nice to read most of the things, will go thru it after the CAT day, which is on this sunday.
So finally you got one more full time reader. Congrats.

Yes sandeep…God has gifted different qualities to all…so no need to worry i guess…and thanks for liking my blog that much…i really need full time readers like you…most welcome in my blog world…

Kool and awesome post……..!!

hey thanks artisticked…

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