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To you, with love

Posted on: October 21, 2008

“Every one is gifted. Some never open their packing.”

Its festival and gifting season drawing near with the coming celebrations like Diwali, Christmas etc. and that is why shopping of gifts and other articles is full on swing. Everyone is busy in buying gifts for his/her loved ones. Markets are nested with ‘buy this get that free’ offers. Some are planning for giving gifts while some are waiting to receive the gifts (like me :P).

What is Gift

A gift is a voluntary act which does not require anything in return. One never expect anything while giving gift to others (accept the smile and happiness of the one to whom the gift is given). It’s a different case that one gets tons of thanks from the gift getter :P. Gifts are priceless no matter what their actual cost is. In short gifts can include everything that make others feel happy and reduce their sorrows i.e. love, forgiveness, kindness and so on.

Curt Lengner says, “Love is gift. You can neither purchase it not sense it. You are gifted when somebody loves you. You should learn how to accept his/her gift.”

“If a person gives you his time, he can give you no more precious gift”- Frank Tyger

Life is considered a gift given by God. William A. Ward says, “Today God has given you the gift of 86,400 seconds. Did you say thanks to him?”

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is gift that’s why we call it present. Arastu said, “Beauty is also the gift of God.” In fact, whatever is positive and good in this world can be categorized in gift. Even virtual gifts like e-book, software, music file etc that can be sent through net and are in vogue.

For some gift giving is hobby. They don’t need any particular reason to show love and care to their loved ones through gifts.

Some facts about Gifts

  • Most of the people recycle gifts given to them
  • Women love to give gift more than men
  • Women take time more than men while choosing gifts
  • After getting gifts most people feel better and special
  • Mostly Practical and well mannered people choose flowers as gifts

In a recent survey in USA 78% people said that gifts have their sentimental value, while 21% said they are valued on their actual price. No wonder, for many people a single flower or a hand written letter has more importance than any costly electronic item or jewellery.

A gift is gift if chosen wisely taking care of the emotions of the person to whom gift is given.


2 Responses to "To you, with love"

Hi! nice article but you know, when I first read the upper Quote, an another !dea came to my mind( “Every one is gifted. Some never open their packing.”) that we all are gifted and blessed by the GOD. He gave us such a beautiful life with some surprises as we never know… 🙂

Thanks dinesh…You actually got what i wanted to say through this article 🙂

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