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Kiran Kiran Beti Se Roshan

Posted on: October 17, 2008

September 24th was the International Girl Child Day. Like any other morning I picked up the newspaper (Dainik Bhaskar). A beautiful picture of a cute little baby girl (shown here) on the front cover of Madhurima, (a supplement of Dainik Bhaskar), pulled my attraction. The title of the article was Kiran Kiran Beti Se Roshan.  I thought it would be a usual article on girl child, their rights and all. But from the very first line it was so heart touching and affable that I read on and on and stopped only when it got finished. It was filled with the love, affection and care of a father to his sweet little daughter.  

I want to share this with you all non Dainik Bhaskar readers so that you could also smile as I smiled while reading this. Although it was in Hindi but I have translated it so that more and more people could read this really cute story.

In his own words by Prakhar Priyanshu-

“I am watching outside from the window, the clouds seem so beautiful. I wish Chhutki would be awaken so that I could show her them. But she is sleeping in my arms like a piece of cloud itself. She is just 10 months old, but might be missing her mom’s lap. Her mom (my wife) and 7 year old brother are at my sister-in-laws place.

They will reach by train tomorrow. But I couldn’t wait to take Chhutki to her grand Parents (Dada-Dadi), so I took a flight. And journey by train used to be time consuming, specially for this little baby few hours of flight were far better than that. Her mom was saying that I am being emotional for Chhutki as the son had travelled too by train in his childhood days.

Anyways journey till now has been pleasant. The little cutie hasn’t cried yet, except the body temperature is slightly more than normal. A thing is coming to my mind regarding Mukesh (my friend). He made her wife for abortion two times as he didn’t want a girl child. Not a girl child? How could he refuge such cute, loving baby? When Chhutki born Mukesh reacted to me, “Hey buddy, you proved to be unlucky this time. Didn’t get a baby boy this time.” Anyways, its his concern not mine.

My co-passenger is saying something I guess.

“Baby girl or baby boy?”

“Baby girl.” (Uff, I wish he didn’t misunderstand my proud ness my ego)

“How old is she?”

“Has completed 10 months.”

“Must be naughty.”

“No, just claps and calls everybody ‘Dada’.”


“Yes, may be everybody. She doesn’t know how to speak more words yet may be that’s why.”

“Look, perhaps she is awaken and may be in trouble.”

I turned her face to me. What’s this? Why she is making such face? Got fever too. What do I do now? I stood up taking her in my arms and started strolling restlessly inside the plane. Just then a lady stood up and asked, “what happened? Is the baby in trouble?”

I am nervous. Not able to think what should be done? That lady again said, “ Let me check, I am Doctor.” She took Chhutki from my arms and lied her on a cloth on the floor of the plane. After 5 mins of examination she said, “She is having convulsion. It was the second”. Now she is saying to flight attendant, “Please request the pilot that it would be better if emergency landing could be done in any nearest city. But please make it fast”

Make it fast? What’s wrong with my doll? How things changed all of a sudden? I got all the answers within 2 mins. Its being announced – Please tie your seatbelt, we are landing. Withing just 20 mins I am getting out of the plane with Chhutki and all passengers are wishing me and Chhutki. Ambulance is ready outside. Two nurses and a doctor lead us two the hospital. The hospital was pre informed I guess, all preparations were done to admit Chhutki. Doctor asked me to wait outside. Chhutki will have to be injected.

But the nurse told me that Chhutki is not letting herself injected and throwing her hands and legs. I used to get comments like “what a great daughter you have that never bothers anyone.” What’s wrong with her today? When I went to her, she started shouting Dada, Dada. Oh she calls ME Dada. She recognizes me. Oh my sweet little angel.

Now she has silently let the nurse inject her. She might be searching her Dada. Her hand is vaccinated with saline and a thick board is placed on her hand so that it could not be moved. The doctor told, it wasn’t a thing to worry as this was a minor problem. A lot of children go through it in high temperature. Well, I am quiet relieved now. I have to call my wife. It was the effect of the whole incidence with Chhutki and the tensed moments in the hospital that I began to sob on phone. My wife will reach here tomorrow till noon. I came back to Chhutki. She is awaking. What do I do now to cheer her up. Should I sing a song? I have some poems too in my mind. I don’t know whether she would like them? My friends used to make fun of me. Chhutki you won’t do this to your Dada would you? I am singing with fear, Chhutki is smiling, I am singing, now without fear. She is chuckling.

I got tired. Chhutki is looking at me. She is trying to do something. And holding my hand with her left hand as she can’t move the right hand because of saline tube. Now what dolly? What you need?

She has opened my palm…now she is clapping on it with her one palm. My eyes are filled with water. What an effortless way to express joy. Only daughters can do such an innocent act of conveying excitement. I wish to tell Mukesh “Its not about first time or second time, fathers of daughters are all time lucky. Kiran kiran beti se roshan jeevan se lucky.


7 Responses to "Kiran Kiran Beti Se Roshan"

Very beautiful story. So nice of you that you’ve well translated(with emotions) for the people all across the globe. Thanks for sharing.

waaray waa…….
watta story wonderful….
on that girl child.

same pinch 2 ya
me too was pick pocketed jus 2 days back..,,
lost a sony ericsson w300i
things happen…..
all ur posts were really awesome
keep up the good job
will b visiting again.. 🙂

Thanks nithish…so sad to hear that you too lost your mobile…but ya things happen…be careful onwards…

Aji kya kahe hum, u nd ur story hav won my heart, u know one thing I read your story more than five times nd was trying to find out actually who is real praiseworthy, either heart touching story or the beauty nd purity of the spirit who represented nd brought it for us with a very good composition of words expressing the real joy nd true happiness of human beings who hav always been pining for it. After a long nd sincere thinking I could reach to the decision that both r at equal zenith nd played for one another. word “Dada” nd effortless way of conveying joy nd gratitude of baby towards her father won my heart. But now question is that r we still respecting the love of our parents nd paying same gratitude to them for their love nd affection as sweet nd lovely baby.

Thanks for sharing a touching story in a touching way…
reminded my days when I used to read ‘dainik Bhaskar’…

thanks archna for visiting the blog…hope to see you here again 🙂

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