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B for Blogging

Posted on: October 12, 2008

Blogging has its own colorful and lively world with all shades of real world in it. Some tells jokes, some share personal experiences, some have rather serious topics to write on like nuclear deal and government policies. Topics range from gossips to literature. Its easy to enter the blogging world but to retain oneself is rather difficult.

Through your blog you can connect with the whole world. If you have started a blog be prepared to compete with already existing around 6 lacs active bloggers and thousands of new joining bloggers to attract your readers.

Blogging has become so popular because of its simplicity yet effectiveness.

Different faces of bloggers

According to the research on blogs by American University of Buffalo “most bloggers are young and urban, who have the enthusiasm, to use latest technology to the most possible extent and to become more educated. Moreover they like to put their thoughts socially on certain issues more than others”.

Comments matter

What a blogger desires most? Comments and reactions of the readers of course. That is why 87% of blogs have the facility for leaving comments on them. Your readers know more than you. They are the one who inspire you to do better and better in your blog.

A good Deal

Google adsense are widely used for earning through bolg. You can get advertisements of other companies too in your blog and their charges can be decided through negotiations.

Blogging vs gossiping

According to an estimation of Gartner, at the end of 6 months in the year 2007, 20 crores blogs had become dead. And a big part of the internet world is nested with such dead blogs. The reason behind this is lot of bloggers had become inactive after some time as its not easy to come with new attractions every time while competing with other bloggers. Moreover some bloggers, who find it a compromise to visit others blogs and to leave comments there with the link to their own blog, leave the blogging soon. (sad! isn’t it?)

Blogging is a full time profession like any other profession. Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Chetan Bhagat and many more have stepped into blogging to tell about their activities and thoughts to the common people.

According to a ranking Top 100 blogs of the world are averagely 33.8 months old. In other words to travel from worthless writing to communicative blogging one needs time, endeavor and patience and then only one can get – attraction of the reader or money or both.

Some statistical reviews

Active blogs – 6,00,00,000

New blogs started daily – 1,75,000 (means 2 new blogs per second)

Updating blogs in a second – 18

37% blogs were in Japanese while 33% blogs were in English

Are you sure, you want to start a blog?

If you really want to start a blog you don’t need to have any specific knowledge of web development as many free blogging services are there like email. All the best and happy blogging 🙂


7 Responses to "B for Blogging"

I agree with the second point.


Really informative post! … Liked your posts…. Good to see another Blogging Evangelist in-the-making! 🙂

Blog on…!


you are one of those people, who should really think about seriously blogging professionally.. i love the way you write.. a rythm is always there… i hope you are not fooling me by using a copied and pasted text material..
i wish its all original and wish u grt luck for future.

thanks gaurav for such appreciating words…i assure you that i won’t disappoint you by serving plagiarized material…

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