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End of a love story

Posted on: October 7, 2008

Yesterday we departed. It has been only (no, these are not only) 24 hours have gone since I saw, touched and felt him for the last time and now I am missing him like anything and will have to miss him like this only all through my life.

Why did he do this to me? How could he be so heartless? He used to be with me 24×7 from past two years. He didn’t even think once before leaving me alone like this.

But why I am blaming him? It was not his fault. He was helpless. It was this cruel world that departed us. The circumstances were not favorable enough for both of us I guess. That is why we are separated now.

Why I loved him so much? (and still I do love him) I couldn’t help loving him. He is so loving, cute & stylish and exactly of the qualities I was looking for. It was in my destiny that I am away from him now. (Or this cruel world?)

I still remember the day when I saw him for the first time. My heart said YES this is what you wanted. I took no long to be in love with him (yes, it was love in the first sight). When I touched him for the first time I got so thrilled. His name still echoes in my ears and heart. I think I should tell you his name too so that you get to learn the whole story.

Let me introduce him to you. (who is no longer with me). His name is Sony Ericsson Z530i. Yes I was talking about my mobile that I lost yesterday. Actually I didn’t lost it, It was two scrupulous guys (god knows who) who snatched my cell away. They were on their bike and absconded in a jiffy that I couldn’t even sense for some time that I had lost it. (my sweetu mobile)

Sony Ericsson Z530i

Sony Ericsson Z530i

Those fussy guys belong to the youth of today and these days 90% youth live for themselves. They snatch things rather working hard for them. They adopt shortcuts for success. They don’t care that they are hurting someone emotionally, financially and in most cases physically too. They ride on bikes in full speed breaking all rules as if the whole world is under their feet and they can do whatever they want to do. They have no ethics and humanity in them. I don’t know whether the education system or the society should be blamed for it.

Now you can think why I am over reacting just for a mobile, after all my cell wasn’t that costly? Is that? I know it wasn’t a costly model and I can purchase another cell for me too. But what about my emotions attached with it. Those images that I took on different occasions, smses of my lovely friends can not be retrieved again. Moreover it was my b’day gift from my dad. Its not all about the loss of an accessory or a worldly comfort. Its about the emotions (and in most cases hardly earned finances) attached with ones belongings too that can’t be regained.

So please guys live and let others live. Stop playing with others emotions just for fun or little money. Last but not the least we should never purchase a second hand mobile without authenticated documents. It could have somebody’s emotions with it.


13 Responses to "End of a love story"

Lovely story! capturing the emotions and feelings.
Keep it up. 🙂

But yes, when you get your another one, take care of that and beware of such snatchers.

sure i will

lovey one. i strongly suggest you should start copy-writing professionally. best luck

thanks a lot gaurav 🙂

Yeah! Gaurav is right.

It was the saddest moment of my life 😦 anyways thanks for appreciating 😛

Wonderful,really fantastic, a good mixture of ethics nd heart feelings as well as loving desire to show for a loving one on the lost of loving one. Good expression carrying every aspects nd showing keen desire for eliminating the evil of society, commenting with soft words but actually hard in meaning.

The Worldly Hope men set their Hearts upon
Turns Ashes–or it prospers; and anon,
Like Snow upon the Desert’s dusty Face,
Lighting a little hour or two–is gone.

This is for the very first tym m reading any blog story.
well the link was given by ur friend archna….
and nw i can really understand y she reffered this one as her favourate story.
NICE one

Thanks chetan but its not story… its real life incident…anyways thanks for stopping by…hope to see you again 🙂

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